Chika Private Limited was founded in 1951 as a marketing and distribution company, catering to textile and leather industries. Over the years, Chika expanded its activities and today represents a large number of renowned companies from Europe, USA and Far East. In the late fifties, the Government encouraged and gave preference to indigenous production of various products over imports. This resulted in Chika expanding its activities in marketing local products as well. With a number of overseas /  domestic manufacturers, Chika serves  industries such as refineries, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, perfumery and flavouring, surfactants, fine chemicals, starch, edible oil, textile, dyestuffs, leather and pesticides. .

With Head office in Mumbai and Branches in Ahmedabad, Chennai and Delhi, Chika is in a position to serve the requirements of a large number of customers, all over India.

Other Facilities:

  • Qualified & Experienced Sales team to look after specific industries and products.
  • Warehouse in Mumbai for stock & sales activities of imported / domestic chemicals including temperature controlled storage facility.

Chika, api, pharmaceuticals, Industrial Chemical Suppliers, Mumbai, India

Chika, api, pharmaceuticals, Industrial Chemical Suppliers, Mumbai, India. Our Company Deals with  dyestuffs, pharmaceuticals, Chemical Suppliers, Mumbai, India, Leaders in api, pharmaceuticals, Chemical Suppliers in  Mumbai, India

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Chika, chemical suppliers, india, pharmaceuticals, fine, lab chemicals
Industrial Assurance Building,
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